Sponsor Hall Q/A Sheet Bigmarker Virtual Conference 2021

  1. When will sponsor hall training take place?
  2. What are the conference hours
    • Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM MST February 3rd and 4th
  3. Will there be dedicated time for visiting the sponsor hall?
    • 2:00 – 2:25 PM and 4:00 – 4:25 PM both Wednesday and Thursday
  4. May I set up work schedule for my team so we don’t tie-up the same 3 people in the booth both days? (ie. may we alternate multiple teams of 3 to man the through the 2-days).
    • Yes they can come and go as they want
  5. What is the due date to turn in materials for building my booth?
    • The drop dead date for turning information required to build the booth is Tuesday December 23, 2020 5:00 PM MST
    • Changes requested by bigmarker need to be returned is December 29, 2020 5:00 PM CST
  6. When is the last date I can make changes to my booth?
    • The last date things can be changed or added will be EOD 1/22. As Bigmarker will not be able to make any changes after that as it will be too close to the event .
  7. Will our presenters have access to our virtual booth, so they can continue conversations after their sessions?
    • Yes – Sponsors will receive invitations to their booths on Monday, Jan 18 so that after the trainings between January 15 and January 18 and 1/20, they will be able to spend time in their booth.
  8. What is a Live Booth?
    • Live: Presenters play all videos manually and have the ability to turn on their microphones and cameras.
    • Automated: videos are pre-loaded and play automatically and presenters do NOT have the ability to turn on their mics and cameras but can connect with visitors through the chat feature).
  9. When can sponsors access the booth?
    • Booths are accessible to attendees 24/7 once the conference begins. We usually recommend sponsors use our sticky note feature to let visitors know whether or not there is a representative in the booth. This will be covered in the upcoming sponsor training
  10. Will there be a passport program? Attendees going from booth to booth getting virtual stamps.
    • Yes, IETA will get a list of people who visit booths and create a drawing if they visit enough booths.
  11. How does the raffle work? Do we have our own booth raffle, or participate in a larger conference raffle?
    • Yes, you may have your own or you may add to ours just like our physical conference.
  12. May we have multiple raffles?
    • Yes, you may create your own raffles and give away however you want) (Did you fill out a survey, did you talk to our people, did you spend time in booth, did you attend presentations.
  13. How will the attendees enter a raffle?
    • The gamification we will set up is for the conference as a whole. If the sponsors want raffles for their own booth, they will be responsible for creating that and setting it up on an outside platform. I would recommend using the offers to link visitors to an outside page (perhaps a Google form) and collecting information, then using a third-party randomizer online to select winners.
  14. How is a winner drawn?
    • Based on statistics collected or requirements of the raffle IETA sets or you set for your own
  15. Videos – may we provide a play list (YouTube link) for the videos to loop?
    • Yes, but it is suggested that you provide an MP4 for us to use in case there is any internet hiccup and to prevent latency.
  16. Booth Polls
    • You do not need to ask the following information as it will automatically be provided on who visited your booth.
      • Primary Job Role
        • District Administrator
        • Educator
        • Educator Support Role
        • IT Director
        • IT Staff
        • Other
        • Principal
        • Superintendent
      • Attendee Type
        • Attendee
        • Board Member
        • Invited Guest
        • Presenter
        • Volunteer
      • Job Title
        • Fill in the blank
      • Organization or District Name
        • Fill in the blank
      • District Number
        • Fill in the blank
      • Polling questions can be anything and are optional:
        • Typically, the polls are used for like “why did you come to our booth?” (a) to learn about your service (b) just browsing (c) talk to a representative and things like that. We can’t link the poll answers. In the post event reports, though, sponsors will have the ability to see who clicked on what poll response so they could change it to like “what product are you interested in learning more about?” and then reach out accordingly.
        • Polls need options for people to select answers they can’t be open ended
  17. Booth Title
    • Best practice for Booth Title and Description is company name and description
  18. Booth Video
    • Your video can be linked to Youtube, but Bigmarker suggests sending them an MP4, to make sure that the video plays on their local server seamlessly.