Conference Information 2024

  1. What is the theme of the show?
    • This year’s theme is — Level Up — Please feel free to decorate, dress, have prizes and join in the fun utilizing this theme. An Award (plaque) will be given for the best booth matching our theme for the following: (The vote will be done by the attendees.)
      • One award for – Silver/Gold Level
      • One award for – Platinum/Diamond/Titanium Level
  2. How do I participate in IETA 2024 Social Media?
    • Twitter
      • @IdahoEdTech
    • Facebook
      • Idaho Education Technology Association
    • Hashtags:
      • #IETA2024
      • #IETALevelUp
  3. Who is the event coordinator
    • EventRent Idaho helps us with providing the logistics for our sponsor hall. The below link is to the show packet they provide which includes information on shipping/receiving. If you wish to make additional booth accommodations (additional items such as furniture) beyond what IETA provides please see the form in the 2024 show packet to make arrangements with EventRent Idaho.
    • Please make arrangements with EventRent Idaho’s contact for shipping your materials to and from the conference center. IETA is not responsible for items shipped. Please do not ship items directly to the conference center.
  4. What comes in my booth?
    • The link to our logistics page should answer most questions but here are a few questions we have received:
      • We provide 8’ table and 2 chairs for each 10X10 Booth Space
      • We provide one trash can per booth
      • One power strip per booth space. If you have need of additional power or furniture please email
      • What is the cost for WIFI? WIFI is provided by IETA; a special SSID and password will be provided to sponsors.
      • Are the floors carpeted? Yes
  5. How do I capture information from attendees who visit my booth?
  6. When should I expect attendees to visit my booth?
    • During the conference IETA has set times where presentations are not taking place. We encourage our attendees to use these times to visit our exhibit hall. Though attendees may visit the exhibit hall anytime during the show, we generally see very high traffic during these breaks.
      • Wednesday Exhibit Hall Breaks 10:00-10:45, 2:00-2:45
      • Thursday Exhibit Hall Breaks 10:00-10:45, 2:30-3:15
      • Wednesday Lunch 12:15-1:15
      • Thursday Lunch 11:40-12:50
  7. What does IETA do to encourage attendees to visit the exhibit hall?
    • Gift give away stamp cards see below
    • Afternoon snacks in the sponsor hall
    • Games in the sponsor hall at no charge to the sponsors or attendees. Examples:
      • Pinball, video games. (Sponsors are also encouraged to utilize these fun activities and engage attendees in these games)
    • Other fun activities
  8. Giveaways and prizes?
    • To encourage attendees to visit sponsor booths IETA will provide attendees a daily stamp card. Attendees need to fill a certain percentage of their stamp card to be entered in a chance to win daily prizes. Sponsors will mark off on the cards of attendees who visit their booths. Sponsors may add their prizes to this nightly give away, or have your own drawing and or giveaways and prizes. You may request to have IETA announce your winners at our daily give away.
      • Wednesday 3:30-4:00 PM
      • Thursday 4:00-4:30 PM
  9. Setup/Show Hours
    • Setup–Tuesday February 6th From Noon to 5:00 PM or Wednesday the 7th from 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM
    • Show Hours
      • Wednesday 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM (first exhibitor break starts at 10:00 AM)
      • Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (last exhibitor break ends at 3:15 PM)
      • Break Down 3:30 PM Thursday
  10. Sponsor Presentations
    • Sponsorships at the platinum level and above have guaranteed presentations. IETA also does an all call for open presentations. These presentations are selected by the IETA board based on presentations we believe attendees would most like to see at the show. Presentations that provide training, certifications, have a broad range to attract the most attendees will have the highest chance of being selected. Submission will be accepted until October 1, 2023 If you are interested in presenting please fill out this form.
  11. Booth Selection
    • IETA provides booth placement based on time registered at each sponsor level. The first to register at the highest sponsorship level will receive first choice of booth placement. This is for all levels except Silver where the IETA board will choose placement based on time of registration.
    • Booth selection begins on November 25, 2023 or sooner once we have sold out of booth space. (Note: the faster everyone responds to our emails at the gold level and higher for booth placement the quicker we can assign booth space and provide booth numbers) We appreciate your help in this.
  12. Conference Center Shipping Notice
    • To ensure a smooth process, we kindly request that all items intended for the conference are not shipped directly to the conference center. Instead, please coordinate your shipping needs through our designated conference logistics coordinator, Event Rent. For detailed guidelines and additional information, please refer to the sponsor packet provided in the LINK
  13. Boise Centre Equipment Logistics
    • The Boise Centre would like to remind our valued sponsors that on the conference day, if you plan to bring your own equipment, please utilize the loading dock located on 9th Street, situated between Main and Front Street. This loading dock provides direct access to the sponsor hall. For the transport of large equipment and boxes, this entry point is required by the conference center.