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A draft conference schedule is now available. Times and sessions are still subject to change. Additional details are coming soon, and we will update this page and PDF with more information.

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Kelly Kermode

Kelly Kermode

Integrated Learning Strategist
Forest Hills Public Schools

Teacher, Learner, Creative. Using different tools to create is a passion. Love to collaborate and share. AEL ACE GCT GET #GTACHI

Creating a Global Citizen

Our kids are growing up in a global landscape, but do they know how to navigate it?

The world is shifting into unchartered territory, with challenges never before faced. With new tools, information sources and literacies, we can help our students become empathic, curious contributors to our global community.

Kelly Kermode currently serves as an Integrated Learning Specialist for Forest Hills Public Schools. With over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience, Kermode loves to think big and explore ways to think outside the box. Kermode has presented at conferences and conducted workshops from Michigan to California to South Africa, including MACUL, CUE, ISTE, IPDX and EdTech Summit SA. Kelly is a Google Certified Innovator, Google Certified Education Trainer, CUE Lead Learner, Adobe Education Leader, Adobe Certified Expert, and Adobe Education Trainer.

Educator and Leadership Sessions

You Be the Student: A Digital Immersion Experience – Experience the digitally-enhanced classroom where best practices in digital learning and teaching are modeled. This ELA content-specific immersion lesson provides both digital learning experiences and a transparent walkthrough of how student-centered technologically-enhanced lessons are created. The session will conclude with reflective discussions about the learning, successes, and challenges of this experience.

Google Tools for Today’s Schools – Google Apps for Education has allowed us to take productivity, creativity, and collaboration to a higher level. This session will revolutionize learning in the classroom by exploring classroom uses of Google tools: Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Draw.

4 C’ing the Future: Strategies and Tools for Today’s Classrooms – Technology can engage our learners and open opportunities for communication, collaboration and creativity in exciting ways. During this session we will explore how teachers can use instructional strategies and digital tools to provide these opportunities and help us imagine the possibilities for our students now! Our time together will culminate in a lesson (re)design that synthesizes your learning into a tangible takeaway you can implement right away!

Learner Agency: A Key to Student Success – What is learner agency and how do we ensure that this critical component is not missed as we discuss transforming our classrooms and schools? During this hands-on session we will examine the important role that learner agency has on student success. We will also collaboratively define learner agency and investigate classroom practices that develop learner agency in all students.

Elaborate Escape or Epic Fail: Ideas for Thinking Outside the Box to Engage Students – Are you looking for a way to “escape” from traditional teaching and learning methods? Breakout of your routine and engage students not only in content, but also skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Breakout EDU to the rescue!

Design Matters, Why HOW You Share Makes a Difference – We need to convey our message in ways that meet or exceed our audience’s expectations. Come and learn how to use basic design principles and some cool tools to make your message stronger with visual impact. We will explore ways to use existing tools to be more design focused, as well as free publishing tools to create polished publications and learning resources. Student examples will also be shared.

Creating Using Mobile Apps – Over 80% of Internet users peruse the web on a mobile device. With so many apps available, students should be creating on a mobile device, not just consume content. Come learn about how to include mobile devices into you and your students’ everyday workflow. We will explore how to create files, upload media, share with others, and import existing assets using Google apps including Slides, Docs, Drive, Photos, and Sheets. This session is Android and iOS friendly.

Creating Global Learners using Geo Tools – We live and work in a global society, and yet for many students their frame of reference is a very small community or neighborhood. Expand their horizons by including Google’s geo tools and apps so students can grow their understanding of how they fit in the global landscape. By getting kids creating we can better see how they are building skill sets and interpreting content to become global citizens. We will explore a variety of maker activities that involve geo tools, including Google Maps, PhotoSpheres, Google MyMaps, public data sets, and StorySpheres. Sample projects will be shared, and there will be time to tinker and create so you can build models and plan future opportunities for your students.

Getting the Ball Rolling with SpheroRobotics and Coding

Google SuiteFormerly Google Apps For Educators


Spotlight Sessions

Sketchnoting in the Classroom: Leading the Way for Learning

Kathy Schrock
Half day session on Monday, February 6 Sketchnoting, also called visual note-taking, allows students to creatively organize their thoughts using sketches. Sketchnoting targets the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners as all three areas are utilized. Whether taking notes the traditional way and later creating a sketchnoted version, or sketching notes during a lecture, with sketchnotes students showcase their personalized understanding of the content. Learn how to teach students the basics of sketchnoting, how to create a structure that can be used for the process, and practice creating and sharing various types of sketchnotes in this workshop. Apps and tools that can be used for digital sketchnoting will also be covered. Participants should bring an iPad 2 or newer, an Android Tablet, touch-screen Windows tablet, or a unlined journal with heavy-weight pages, a gel pen and colored pencils to the workshop. Those using digital devices should also bring a stylus. Please install the Microsoft OneNote app on your iPad, Android tablet, or Surface Tablet.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom: Leading the Way in Emerging Technologies

Kathy Schrock
90 minute session on Tuesday, February 7 Using virtual reality in the classroom can immerse students in an 360° environment, can help with understanding complex subjects, and is engaging to learners of all ages. Having students create the online, interactive panoramas and have them use a Google Cardboard viewer to be immersed in the image, can be very powerful! During this presentation you will learn the how and why this technology supports teaching and learning across the content areas and even make your own! Please bring your smartphone with the Google Street View app installed!