IETA is seeking proposals from technologists, educators, subject-matter experts, consultants, and corporate partners to present at our 2017 annual conference to be held at the Boise Centre in Boise, ID February 6 – 8, 2017.

IETA strives to deliver pertinent, innovative, and informative content to Idaho educational leaders including technology directors, technology staff, district/school administration (superintendents/principals), and teachers. Presentations should be informative and targeted to the anticipated audience or a sub group of the anticipated attendees.

We are looking for a wide variety of content to reach the varied audience expected to attend (technologists, educators, leaders). If you have information, ideas, best practices, or valuable experience to share, we would love to hear from you.

Submissions will be accepted until November 18, 2016 and will be reviewed by the IETA conference committee. The committee will select proposals to cover a wide range of topics and to ensure that adequate content is available for all audiences anticipated to attend. Selected proposals will be notified of their acceptance.

  • Session Information

  • Please provide the desired title of your presentation/session.
  • Please provide a description of the session. This description should properly detail what will be covered in the session and anticipated outcomes and will be published in the conference schedule to assist attendees with selecting their individual schedules.
  • Session space is limited. Most available sessions are 90 minutes. A few 40 or 60 minute slots may be available. The conference committee will evaluate each session proposal to ensure that it fits the overall theme and goals of the conference and to ensure adequate content availability for conference attendees. Exhibitor sponsored proposals should be informative and solution-oriented and not sales related. Preference for session slots allocated to exhibitors will go first to those exhibitors whose sponsorship levels include session slots.
  • Please select the group(s) that are most likely to benefit from your proposed session.
  • If applicable/known, the anticipated skill level that the session targets.
  • Presenter/Facilitator Information

  • Please enter the name of the presenter as you would wish it to be displayed in conference schedules (e.g. Dr. John Smith).
  • This will be used by the IETA conference committee to contact the presenter and will not be published in the conference materials for attendees.
  • Job Title/Position of the Presenter.
  • School District/Organization/Company that the presenter works for or is representing
  • Please enter a presenter bio demonstrating the experience of the presenter. Alternatively, enter a link to a site containing a presenter bio if already existing.
  • This will only be used as a backup contact method by the conference committee if email is not answered.
  • IETA prioritizes scheduling utilizing partner-provided content, member-provided content, and additional free/low-cost content. However, IETA does entertain proposals from presenters that charge a fee for their services if the content would be of value to the membership. If you are requesting/proposing a fee to present this content, please provide details of your proposed cost here.
  • If you have any additional comments that you would like to include for the conference committee, please include them here.